Tue 30 Aug 7:00 PM
Selling Fast

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)
General Admission
80 Mins
What happens when you’re on hold?

A tax auditor has an unusual proposition. The kids are hacking the spirit world. A man leaves a voicemail. A neighbour calls 000. Over hundreds of phone calls, The Last Great Hunt takes you on a journey into communication. From prank calls to telemarketing, bugging and bad connections, Telephone intercepts conversations and weaves them together into a kaleidoscope of love, loneliness and the infinite.

Continuing PICA and The Last Great Hunt’s partnership that has resulted in hits such as NEW OWNER (2016), THE IRRESISTIBLE (2017) and LÉ NØR [the rain] (2019), Telephone is a rollercoaster of a show takes analogue technology, lo-fi light refraction and 90’s trace music to create an intimate and stunning piece of the theatre.

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

51 James Street Perth Cultural Centre Northbridge, Western Australia, 6003